Balmain Hair; Professional Systeme Volume

The Hair Lounge has chosen to work with Balmain Hair Systeme Volume in order to offer clients added length, thickness and/or volume to create the hair style they have always wanted.

Emily's Balmain Hair Extensions

Try Balmain Hair Extensions at The Hair Lounge for yourself; there is a reason why Balmain is the only company in the world to give a 6 month guarantee on the hair and why the Hair Lounge has chosen to work with Systeme Volume. Both hold themselves accountable for their hair styling and care; they want you to love your hair every day.

A client's Balmain Hair Extensions

The possibilities with Balmain Hair are endless, so the starting point is a consultation in the salon. Your hair extension consultation is FREE: Starting with what you hope to achieve and how long you want to keep the hair extension in place, we will explore the options and recommend the best hair extension process for you.


Call us on 0161 627 1166 to book your FREE Balmain Hair Extension consultation: NOW is the time to get the hair style you have always wanted.

Why Balmain Hair Extensions?

Balmain Hair Extensions40 years ago, Balmain Hair set out a mission, they wanted to source, select and process the best hair in the world. Their dedicated team won’t rest until their hair is perfect; every member of the team is a trained hair specialist and actively consult and train in over 50 countries around the world.

Systeme Volume provides for the professional hair stylist who wants to offer a total service and make every client feel beautiful. They work with only the most inspiring hair stylists who are able to take Systeme Volume to the highest level.

Balmain Hair supplies 100% human hair extensions which are sourced in South East Asia. These suppliers have been collecting and providing human hair for over 30 years. The hair is processed by the factories in Asia to achieve the product required for use in hair extensions.

Doing business in a sustainable and fair way is consistent with the quality and innovation principle of Balmain. They strive to keep the human hair business fair and ethical: They take their role as corporate citizens seriously, continuously monitoring the supply chain and responsibility issues.

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